Program Information

School: Queen’s University
Faculty: Faculty of Education
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: Health and Physical Education, General
Description: Outdoor & Experiential Education (OEE) is designed to introduce teacher candidates to a wide variety of ways environmental and experiential programs can be offered in various school and community-based settings.
The field camp initiates community building for each year of OEE teacher candidates. This initial sense of community is enlarged through classes, additional events and workshops held throughout the rest of the year. See the Academic Calendar for degree requirements and course descriptions. See course descriptions (EDST 260 and FOCI 260).

Regular practicum placements mean that you will work alongside other education professionals in classrooms for 20 weeks: one component in the first summer (3 weeks); two components in the fall (3 weeks each); one component in the winter term (4 weeks) followed by an alternative practicum (3 weeks); and one component in the second summer (4 weeks). Candidates in the OEE program complete the winter term practicum in an Outdoor or Experiential Education setting. This practicum must be in Ontario with an OCT certified teacher in good standing. Typically this practicum is at an outdoor centre, with an integrated program in a public school, or at an alternative school like a credited program for youth at risk. For the 3 week alternative practicum, OEE teacher candidates are required to complete an alternative practicum that is in a non-traditional outdoor based setting. You can do the alternative practicum anywhere in the world as long as it is related to your program. There are travel fellowships available that can help you get there.

URL: Outdoor and Experiential Education at Queen’s University

Admission Requirements

Please visit institute website for program requirements.