Program Information

School: Dalhousie University
Faculty: Faculty of Health Professions
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: Pharmacy (PharmD [USA], PharmD or BS/BPharm [Canada])
Description: You might think of the pharmacist as wearing a white lab coat and standing behind the drugstore counter. But pharmacy as a profession has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years—today, it’s much more patient focused.

Pharmacists now take medication histories, identify goals for drug therapy, provide education to patients regarding medications, make recommendations to other health-care providers about drug therapy, and much more.

URL: Pharmacy (BSc (Pharm)) at Dalhousie University
Length: 4 Year(s)
Cost per year:*
International: $20,641

Cost per year is based on the 2018-2019 academic year and includes the cost of tuition and incidental fees.

Careers: Pharmacists,Industrial Pharmacists

Admission Requirements

Additional Admission Requirements:

    To apply to the College of Pharmacy, you must have successfully completed a minimum of one year of undergraduate courses (30 credit hours over the fall and winter terms).