Program Information

School: Pacific Life Bible College
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: Theology/Theological Studies
Lay Ministry
Description: Leader’s Track is one of the components of our Accelerated Program.This program provides advanced leadership development for mature students who may lack academic background, but who have demonstrated leadership qualities, Bible study disciplines, spiritual gifting, and proven ministry skills.

URL: Accelerated Programs: Theology – Leader’s Track at Pacific Life Bible College
Length: 2 Year(s)

Admission Requirements

Additional Admission Requirements:

  • Work Experience

Leader’s Track is for mature students (30+) with an equivalence of five years full-time ministry experience (or a minimum of 5000 hours in lay ministry experience). This ministry experience must be detailed in the Ministry Report Form of our Student Application for Admission. The completed Application for Admission with the Ministry Report Form and other Reference Forms must be sent to our office with an accompanying Leader’s Track Application Fee of $250 (Canadian currency). A successful applicant to PLBC must also be a born-again Christian, give evidence of a consistent Christian life, and be actively involved in a local church fellowship for at least the full year preceding application.