Program Information

School: Athabasca University
Faculty: Humanities and Social Science
Degree: Bachelor; Online
Field of Study: French Language and Literature, General
Description: As a graduate of Athabasca University’s French program, you will: exhibit a sufficient degree of competence in oral and written French to communicate effectively; show insight into the relationship between language and culture and demonstrate awareness of cultural relativity; use the tools, mechanisms and processes of critical thinking consciously and systematically; show frequent examples of original thinking related to the discipline; demontrate understanding in how to undertake further research into the subject matter in order to increase linguistic competence; appropriately relate practice and/or lessons to the goals of the degree or discipline; conduct independent research with some complexity and depth; draw on a sufficient range of learning to confidently and efficiently pursue degree goals and disciplinary objectives.
URL: French (Four Year) at Athabasca University
Course Based: Yes
Length: 4 Year(s)
Cost per year:*

Admission Requirements

Additional Admission Requirements:

    There are no formal admission requirements for either the 3-year or the 4-year program. All you need is to be 16 or older. You can enrol anytime and start right away, regardless of your previous education.