Program Information

School: St. Thomas University
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: English Language and Literature/Letters, Other
Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other
Description: We offer students the opportunity to study the classic texts, or great books, of the Western world. Books that we normally read include Homer’s Odyssey, Plato’s Republic, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

We believe that these books are important because they shed light on who, we, as individuals in Western society, are, but, more importantly, provide us with a lens through which to think about questions that continue to be of perennial importance to living a happy life. For example, in one of our classes, Love and Friendship, we read books that offer differing perspectives on the nature of love. In the end, we don’t prescribe to any single answer, but intend, instead, to give you the tools by which you might determine for yourself the nature of the theme in question.

URL: Great Books at St. Thomas University
Length: 3 Year(s)
Cost per year:*
International: $14,503

Admission Requirements

Grade for Entrance Previous Year (%)* 70

These courses are intended as guidelines. Speak to your guidance counsellor to see what courses are offered at your school.

  •  Grade12 English 

Four other Grade 12 academic courses are required.