Program Information

School: Western University – Faculty of Law
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: History, General
Law (LL.B, J.D., B.C.L.)
Description: In Year One of the program, students are registered in one of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Science, or Social Science. In Years Two and Three, they are registered in the Faculty of Social Science. In Years Four, Five, and Six, students are registered in the combined program. In Year Four, students will take Law courses only. In Years Five and Six, students will take a combination of approved History and Law courses. Upon completion of the combined program, students will receive both an Honours Specialization B.A. in History and a J.D.
URL: History/Law (B.A./J.D.) at Western University – Faculty of Law
Length: 6 Year(s)
Scholarships: 1
Careers: Court Officers and Justices of the Peace,Lawyers,Judges See More…

Admission Requirements

Test Scores:

  • Law School Admission Test [min. 160]

We normally require at least a three-year undergraduate degree, although the majority of our admitted students will have a four-year, or honours degree.

Additional Admission Requirements:

  • Letter(s) of Reference
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Research Interests