Program Information

School: University College of the North
Faculty: Arts, Business, and Science
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: Humanities/Humanistic Studies
Description: With offerings in English Literature, Philosophy, and History, the Humanities involve the study of the developments in thought and culture from their inception to the present day.

The purpose of a university education in the Humanities is not just to train you for a specific job but to help you develop general skills that are required in many different work situations. Students have exceptional opportunities to learn and hone these skills while also acquiring a background in their specific area(s) of interest. Three- and four-year majors offered.

URL: Humanities at University College of the North

Admission Requirements


These courses are intended as guidelines. Speak to your guidance counsellor to see what courses are offered at your school.

  •   English 

a. High school diploma with b. English 40S; or equivalencies of above.