Program Information

School: King’s University College
Degree: Bachelor; Honours
Field of Study: Religion/Religious Studies
Description: For thousands of years, the great religions of the world, both East and West, have served as treasure chests brimming with the collected brilliance of some of the wisest and most influential people ever to have walked the earth. In addition to theology, philosophy, ethics, art, music, ritual, and guidelines for personal conduct and communal living, these religious traditions contain profound insights into human nature, the meaning of life, ways to overcome suffering, ways to achieve mystical union with the divine, the need for compassion and understanding, and many other various and sundry pearls of wisdom. Thus, World Religions & Cultures is a fascinating study all on its own, for its own sake.

But the study of World Religions & Cultures is also highly practical. In an ever-shrinking world, we constantly find ourselves surrounded by peoples of different religions and cultures, many of whom we simply do not understand. And a lack of understanding often leads to tragic consequences, as is made evident every night on the evening news. Before you can change the world for the better, however, you first need to understand it. On its own, or combined with other fields such as Psychology, Sociology, or Social Work, a study of the religions and cultures of the globe is an essential ingredient in bringing positive change to the world.

URL: World Religions at King’s University College
Length: 4 Year(s)
Cost per year:*
International: $30,610

This cost estimate is for Year 2 of the program.
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Careers: Ministers of Religion

Admission Requirements

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