Program Information

School: Dominican University College/Collège universitaire dominicain
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: Theology/Theological Studies
Description: The Bachelor in Theology aims to provide an overall vision of the Christian theological tradition. Spread over three years, it involves three major themes: i) God and the human being; ii) Jesus Christ and Christian existence; and iii) the Christian community and commitment. The general academic objective of this program is to foster critical thinking and to provide a basic theological culture with an overview of Scriptures, the main currents in the history of Christianity, and fundamental questions related to Christian doctrines and practices. Particular attention is given to develop a theoretical and practical knowledge of methods and scientific approaches in various theological subject areas (exegesis, history, ethics and reflective theology). Students in this program will be put in touch with primary and secondary theological sources in order to assess their contribution to the history and evolution of ideas throughout the Western tradition. Direct access to primary sources is encouraged through the study of ancient languages.
URL: Bachelor in Theology at Dominican University College/Collège universitaire dominicain
Length: 3 Year(s)

Admission Requirements

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