Program Information

School: Bethany College (CLOSED)
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: Bible/Biblical Studies
Description: The purpose of the Diploma of Biblical Studies program is for students to deepen their understanding of the Bible and to integrate biblical truth into their faith and life.

In addition to the Mission Statement, General Academic and ExCiTe Program Objectives already stated, and requirements of the College, Diploma_BiblicalStudies graduates of the Diploma of Biblical Studies program will: become familiar with the content of the entire Bible, value the Scriptures as a life-shaping Word, and demonstrate the ability to interpret a significant biblical text, demonstrate an ability to integrate biblical truth with other academic disciplines and have a basic knowledge of Christian history, with a clear understanding of how Anabaptist history and theology relate to the whole.

URL: Bachelor of Biblical Studies at Bethany College (CLOSED)
Length: 3 Year(s)

Admission Requirements

Please visit institute website for program requirements.