Program Information

School: University of Victoria
Faculty: Science
Degree: Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Field of Study: Astronomy
Description: The science of astronomy has the universe as its domain. Galaxies, stars, planets and an ever-increasing variety of new and exciting cosmic discoveries are among the objects of study. Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences and covers an enormous range of human endeavour, observation and speculation. Beginning with celestial observations by most ancient cultures, running through a period of expansion of knowledge in ancient Greece, and then into the current explosion of discovery and understanding, astronomy has pushed our knowledge to extraordinary limits in space and time. Observations, physical theories and mathematics come together to give us great insights into a vast range of cosmic and terrestrial phenomena: the origin and evolution of the universe (cosmology), nature and evolution of galaxies, birth and life cycle of stars, supernovae, black holes, neutron stars, the geometry of space-time, dark matter, solar and extra-solar planets, even the very origins of life itself, both here on earth as well as elsewhere. Astronomy is perhaps the most encompassing of all the sciences and covers virtually the entire domain of mankind’s place in and knowledge about the universe.
URL: Astronomy at University of Victoria
Length: 5 Year(s)
Cost per year:*
International: $22,783
Careers: Astronomers

Admission Requirements

Grade for Entrance Previous Year (%)* 80 to 85

These courses are intended as guidelines. Speak to your guidance counsellor to see what courses are offered at your school.

  •  Grade12 English 
  •  Grade12 Mathematics 
  • 2 of  Grade12 Chemistry  or  Grade12 Physics  or  Grade12 Biology  or  Grade12 Earth and Space Science 

Two additional approved academic 12 courses are required.

Test Scores:

  • Canadian Academic English Language Assessment [min. 70] or Test of English as a Foreign Language (Internet Based) [min. 90] or International English Language Testing System (academic or immigration) [min. 6.5]