Program Information

School: Dalhousie University
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Degree: Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Field of Study: Biochemistry/Biophysics and Molecular Biology
Description: What’s the meaning of life? Well, we’ll leave that one up to you. But we can help you understand life at the chemical and molecular levels. Biochemistry and molecular biology encompass the structure and function of large molecules such as proteins and DNA, the ordered chemical and energetic transformations (metabolism) of living systems and the molecular basis of heredity, cellular communications and cell fate.

Students who want a challenging program that results in a broad and in-depth background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and includes an independent research experience, may want to enroll in an Honours
program. Students interested in eventually pursuing graduate studies are particularly encouraged to consider Honours. Honours students complete a minimum of 54 credit hours above the 1000 level in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology subject courses, with a minimum GPA of 3.0, and write a research-based Honours thesis.

URL: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BSc) (Concentrated Honours) at Dalhousie University
Course Based: Yes
Length: 4 Year(s)
Cost per year:*
International: $19,457

Cost per year is based on the 2018-2019 academic year and includes the cost of tuition and incidental fees.

Careers: Biologists

Admission Requirements

Grade for Entrance Previous Year (%)* 75

These courses are intended as guidelines. Speak to your guidance counsellor to see what courses are offered at your school.

  •  Grade12 English 
  •  Grade12 Precalculus  or  Grade12 Calculus 

Applicants are required to have: English 12; Pre-Calculus Math 12 or Calculus 12; and three other acceptable university-preparatory courses at the grade 12 level.

Additional Admission Requirements:

    Students who wish to enrol in a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours program should apply for admission after their second year Fall term grades are in. To be admitted, students must have: consulted with a Departmental Academic advisor, and have a minimum grades of B- in BIOL 1010, BIOL 1011, CHEM 1011 and CHEM 1012 (or equivalents). A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for admission and for continuation in the Co-op program. Students must be eligible to work in Canada.