Program Information

School: McGill University
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Degree: Bachelor; Honours
Field of Study: Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, Other
Chemistry, Other
Description: Chemistry is both a pure science, offering a challenging intellectual pursuit, and an applied science whose technology is of fundamental importance to the economy and society. Modern chemists seek an understanding of the structure and properties of atoms and molecules to predict and interpret the properties and transformations of matter and the energy changes that accompany those transformations. Many of the concepts of physics and mathematics are basic to chemistry, while chemistry is of fundamental importance to many other disciplines, such as the biological and medical sciences, geology, and metallurgy.

A degree in chemistry leads to a wide variety of professional vocations. The large science-based industries (petroleum refining, plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc.) all employ chemists in research, development and quality control. Many federal and provincial departments and agencies employ chemists in research and testing laboratories. Such positions are expected to increase with the currently growing concern for the environment and for consumer protection. A background in chemistry is also useful as a basis for advanced study in other related fields, such as medicine and the biological sciences. For a business career, a Bachelor of Science in chemistry can profitably be combined with a master’s degree in business administration, or a study of law for work as a patent lawyer or forensic scientist.

URL: Chemistry: Atmosphere and Environment Option at McGill University
Length: 3 Year(s)
Cost per year:*
International: $42,173

Admission Requirements

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