Program Information

School: University of Alberta
Faculty: Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences
Degree: Bachelor; Honours
Field of Study: Nutrition Sciences
Description: The Nutrition Honors program is a specialized, research-based program focusing on nutritional science and the related physical, health and social sciences. This program prepares you for graduate-level studies, or for a career in the health sciences, health promotion, education, or research in the private or public sectors.

The BSc Honors program in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences is a more specialized and research-intensive degree, and is a good choice to prepare for graduate-level study in either Nutrition or Food Science. It requires a higher standard of academic achievement for both admission and ongoing performance.

URL: Nutrition at University of Alberta
Length: 4 Year(s)
Careers: Nutritionists

Admission Requirements

Additional Admission Requirements:

    This program does not allow admission directly from high school. Preprofessional Study Time: Normally one year in Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science, Nutrition and Food General Program. Required: A minimum of ★24 (★ =units of course weight) transferable to the program. Recommended Courses: BIOL 107 (★3), CHEM 101, 102, (164 OR 261), ENGL (or equivalent) (★6), NUTR 100 (★3), NU FS 100 (★3), STAT 151 (★3), Free elective (★3). Admission Selection: A minimum of 3.0 Admission Grade Point Average (GPA).