Program Information

School: Canadian Mennonite University
Faculty: Sciences
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: Physics, General
Description: Physics is the study of matter and energy, and is the most fundamental science. The study of physics encompasses the smallest particles to the largest bodies such as galaxies, and thus plays a significant role in the world around us. The principles of physics are found in nearly all technological applications including electrical circuitry, magnetic resonance imaging, aerodynamics, engines. Physics principles are also those that scientists need to understand a variety of contemporary human challenges such as climate change and developing renewable fuel sources.
URL: Physics at Canadian Mennonite University
Cost per year:*
International: $15,000

Program costs break down roughly to $741.00 per 3 credit hour course (or $5,928.00 for 24 credit hours) for Canadian students and to $1,000.35 per 3 credit hour course for international students.

Careers: Physicists

Admission Requirements

Please visit institute website for program requirements.