Program Information

School: University of Manitoba – Faculty of Law
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: Law (LL.B, J.D., B.C.L.)
Description: A sound education in law provides a good foundation for a great variety of careers. In the past most law graduates have entered the private practise of law to concentrate on various types of legal work: real estate transactions, commercial contracts, company law, family law, taxation, etc. Contrary to popular belief only a few lawyers concentrate on court work and even fewer specialize in criminal cases. While the tendency to specialize in the practise of law is becoming more prevalent, most lawyers continue to be general practitioners prepared to perform most types of legal work according to the needs of their clients.

Besides the private practice of law, law graduates can join the legal departments which many corporations find it expedient to maintain; others enter the employ of various government departments to serve in a variety of capacities. A few pursue nonlegal vocations in, business, journalism, social work, and law enforcement. At the University of Manitoba consideration is given to the fact that while most students take law to become practising lawyers, some are taking law as an additional discipline to enhance their opportunities in fields other than the practise of law; thus, while the emphasis is on the academic study of substantive law, the study is carried on in a practical context.

URL: Bachelor of Laws (J.D.) at University of Manitoba – Faculty of Law
Length: 3 Year(s)
Cost per year:*
Enrolment #: 106
Scholarships: 1
Careers: Court Officers and Justices of the Peace,Lawyers,Judges

Admission Requirements

Test Scores:

  • Law School Admission Test

Additional Admission Requirements:

  • Letter(s) of Reference
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae