Program Information

School: The King’s University
Faculty: Social Sciences
Degree: Bachelor
Field of Study: Sociology
Description: Ever wonder why people listen to certain types of music, dress the way they do, commit crimes, or live in certain ways? Sociology engages these and other related questions by looking deep into the social character and systemic organization of human interaction. The exploration of these and many other questions begins with the assumption that humans are social beings created in love. Human life is filled with moments in which we embrace, celebrate, lament, challenge, or take for granted the social aspects of life. Move beyond simply thinking about abstract questions and ideas about life and society. A sociology degree from King’s helps you develop a wide variety of skills and insights that are vital for working and living well in today’s world. Develop research expertise, critical thinking, and decision making skills. Learn new communication skills, report preparation techniques, leadership, engagement, resolution skills, and more.
Study the intricate social relationships of our world from a Christian perspective, and apply what you learn to your career, community, family, and life.
URL: Sociology at The King’s University
Areas of Research: Available as a Minor for the B.A. (excluding 3-Year SSCI major), B.Com., B.Mus., B.Sc.(BIOL & CMPT majors).
Course Based: Yes
Length: 4 Year(s)
Cost per year:*
Scholarships: 1
Careers: Sociologists,Social Service Planners,Social Policy Researchers

Admission Requirements

Grade for Entrance Previous Year (%)* 60

These courses are intended as guidelines. Speak to your guidance counsellor to see what courses are offered at your school.

  • Grade12 English

Additional Admission Requirements:

    Application forms are complete when all required information on the application form has been supplied, the application fee has been received, official transcripts and other required documents have been received by the University College and a personal recommendation has been received by the University College.